Owner/Hair Therapist

Stacy is a Natural Hair Care Professional of 11 years. She has a love for all things natural hair and knew early on she absolutely needed to spread this love by promoting self-love first. For too long, many natural women felt they needed to have a certain hair type to be beautiful. This couldn't be further from the truth. So Stacy set out to disprove this myth with a gentle, loving hand mixed with some hard-truth humor. A loving person once said, "I feel like when Stacy is doing my hair, she's happy and she's singing and dancing in her head." That person was clearly getting the subdued professional, because Stacy will sing and dance OUT LOUD for the world to hear. She wants you to feel just as proud and enamored with you and your hair as she is.

Hair Therapist

“I feel that the kinks, curls, or tight coils in Afro hair is beautiful and unique. No other race on this planet has hair like ours - that makes me proud.”


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